The start of summer has seen Evolution Dome provide a series of events with temporary inflatable structures. Private events, parties and weddings often come into play with temporary inflatable structures. The award winning company from Cambridgeshire have recently supplied two weddings with the perfect venues for their big day. Inflatable domes tend to suit a summer wedding as much as they do any corporate event, which is what the temporary inflatable structures are usually hired for. In fact they almost add an air of relaxed, summer, sophistication to a wedding much like a contemporary marquee would, but with a twist. And it’s that twist that couples planning a wedding are sometimes searching for. Something new, something different, an alternative marquee that can be erected in their own surroundings of choice. This alone creates them with something original and certainly something that many guests would not expect when arriving at a wedding reception. And when expectation is met with surprise, you can clearly see how a temporary inflatable structure wins over in the modern age of couples trying to find something everyone else hasn’t already done. One simple answer, head to the new generation of temporary structures and you have your ‘twist’.


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Evolution Dome’s trident, decorated for a recent wedding.


The inflatable structures from Evolution Dome come in many shapes and sizes, giving customers a great range of choice, however big or small their event, party or wedding is. This week the dome team provided a private party with their 8 metre inflatable structure. This inflatable was used to create a bar lounge in the settings of a customers private garden, where the main party was taking place. The more you read about inflatable structures you will discover they are often used in this way to house something as simple as a bar, and marking that destination as a sheltered bar for your event can sometimes be a ‘party life saver’ if the British weather suddenly turns very hot or, very wet!


Temporary inflatable structures, temporary inflatable structure, event structure, event structures, inflatable structures, inflatable structure, alternative marquee

Evolution Dome providing staging, lighting, sound and entertainment.


So as temporary inflatable structures start to become as widely used for private parties and weddings as they do in the corporate event world, next time you are planning something original, you might want to take a look at the fantastic range of inflatables Evolution Dome have for hire. You can contact the friendly team on 0844 335 1933 to find out more about how they can improve your events.