On Sunday the 14th July, the St.Ives Music Festival took place once again. Temporary inflatable structures company, Evolution Dome provided the festival with power, staging, sound and lighting. Naturally the award winning event company also provided the festival with temporary inflatable structures, but the Cambridgeshire based company can now offer festival planners so much more with the option to handle all the power, staging, sound and lighting. And they can do this for any kind of events and exhibitions, not just festivals. Another bow to Evolution Dome’s string is the ability to provide events with professional musicians. They provided the St.Ives Music Festival with an excellent line-up of live bands and solo artists, working alongside music promoters Lovesongwriting.com to do so. With the capability to offer customers everything they require all under one award winning roof, it’s a tempting offer for any company or organisation who are planning an event, festival, exhibition or marketing campaign to turn to Evolution Dome for their services.

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Evolution Dome providing St.Ives Music Festival with power, sound, staging and lighting.


Evolution Dome have enjoyed much success working alongside events in the music scene. Temporary inflatable structures more than play their part in creating a great atmosphere. The atmosphere of any music festival is crucial to its success. With options of a wide range of temporary inflatable structures to choose between, festival planners can decide the size of each section of their festivals in cooperation with the inflatable structures. And providing those organisers with so many options of different sized stages and temporary inflatable structures, tends to hand them a bit of luxury during the planning stages. Add to that, sound systems and lighting managed by experienced professionals, it’s an impressive service.


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James Page performing on stage at St.Ives Music Festival


The St.Ives Music Festival was once again a huge success. The line-up of artists included, Matt Harvey & Jess Doherty, Victor Vellocette, Matt Strafford band, Tom Copson & Pete Robbins, Autumn McDonald, 2 Birds and a Band, Glamtastic, Sledgehammer, Jellyfish Band and James Page (aka Sivu), who has recently made a big breakthrough in the music industry. James has performed live on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show, had countless plays on Radio 1 and been tipped as this years breaking artist. With a great line-up, a great venue, fantastic staging, lighting and sound, Evolution Dome were proud to be part of this amazing festival.

You can contact the friendly team at Evolution Dome on 0844 335 1933 to find out how they can help with your event.