Since the creation of Evolution Dome their incredible inflatable structures have travelled all over the world. Here in this article we take a look back at all the incredible events Evolution Dome and their inflatable structures have been a part of. We start at the beginning.

In 2010 Evolution Dome organised a charity event for ‘Help for Heroes’. Their Trident Inflatable Dome hosted a live music event for guests who helped Evolution Dome to raise thousands for the charity. Right from the off, Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures were popular and gaining a lot of attention. Evolution Dome would go on to repeat the live music event, only this time with a very special guest performer, Pixie Lott. The event was called ‘EPIC‘ (Everyday People Initiating Change) and it was an early landmark success for Ashley Austin, Dan Fabb and Ade Austin. Evolution Dome worked alongside music promoter Jon Orchard for the EPIC event, who would later join the Evolution Dome Marketing team.

inflatable structures, inflatable structure

Pixie Lott Performing in the Dome

Evolution Dome found local success by combining music events with their inflatable structures. They would go on to repeat this several times hosting Live Music Events, Ball’s, New Years Eve Events and more. Some of Evolution Dome’s early events such a the New Years Eve ‘Evolution Dome Presents Cream’ event were so popular that it would be an instant sell-out! In 2010 ‘Evolution Dome Presents The CutUp Boys’ was a real success! As was the New Years Eve Gatecrasher event which saw Lady V live on sax inside the Trident Dome.

Inflatable Structures, inflatable structure

Evolution Dome’s Live Music Events.

Very early on, Evolution Dome had an incredible reputation as a company that worked very hard to help local and national charities. They worked tirelessly to host a Charity Ball which raised over £8,000 to help a young local girl named Chloe Bowes walk for the first time with the help of a Wizzy-Bug machine. Evolution Dome were using their inflatable structures to help with good causes on a regular basis. Soon they were about to turn the entire event industry upside down with their revolutionary inflatable structures. Awards were inevitable for the Cambridgeshire based event company.

inflatable structure, inflatable structures

Evolution Dome Presents The Cut Up Boys back in 2010


Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures began to provide the event industry with solutions to space for events, both outdoor and indoor. In part 2 of this feature we find out more about Evolution Dome’s clients.