Event structures company Evolution Dome provided the Welsh Rally with two stylish inflatable structures from the 14th to the 17th of November in what promised to be and was an enthralling event. The Welsh Rally is so popular that it receives television and radio coverage throughout the four days. And this year’s event was once again hugely popular and supported by thousands of visitors.

Event structures from Evolution Dome have been present at most large events in 2013.

The Welsh Rally required temporary inflatable structures to be installed at the event for catering, hospitality and entertainment. This is one of Evolution Dome’s specialties and their inflatable structures are in high demand for creating temporary space of this nature. Evolution Dome also installed ultra-deck flooring inside the event structures which added a fine finish to the interior. If you yourself are attending a large event such as the Welsh Rally you are likely to see temporary structures in abundance. Every outdoor event tends to require temporary event structures for hospitality and many other reasons. Enter Evolution Dome! They have been present at some of the UK’s largest events in 2013 and many large European events. Their inflatable event structures are the ‘talk of the town’ at many large events.

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Evolution Dome adds flavour to Welsh Rally with stylish structures.

Evolution Dome provided some fairly large inflatable structures at this year’s Welsh Rally. The event specialists installed two 24m inflatable domes with an interlinking tunnel. The inflatable domes have a cavity air wall. Evolution Dome lined the cavity wall with LED batons all the way around. This enabled the team from Evolution Dome to provide the Welsh Rally with some stylish lighting visuals of the temporary structures, adding to the flavour of the Welsh Rally!

You can find out more about Evolution Dome’s award winning temporary structures by visiting their website evolutiondome.co.uk or by calling the team on 0844 335 933.