Evolution Dome supplied technical production specialists AVC Live Ltd with number of inflatable wall solutions for events in Berlin and Istanbul in 2014.

Evolution Dome are always excited to work with new clients, delivering structures to help solve spatial and event problems.  One such occasion was the exhibit being organised by event production specialists, AVC Live.  Having found an amazing location, they then had to create separate spaces for guests to attend demonstrations and talks in.  Knowing that they had to transport the structures over to Istanbul meant that travel and freight expenses were going to feature highly on their list of priorities when looking for a solution.  The ease of installing and taking down the walls was also a key factor in deciding what route to go down.



Having looked at our website, AVC approached us with the challenges they were facing and we began working on a specific solution to address these issues.


The large open space meant that we needed to create smaller areas for each individual demonstration and meeting.  We chose the air wall inflatable structure system as it is very versatile, coming in a range of sizes from 3m to 12m.  It also has curved and half options meaning that it can be installed in a variety of configurations to suit requirements. Our indoor event structures can also be zipped together seamlessly, creating larger spaces as well as being visually appealing.


Due to the large number of delegates in the same vast space together, AVC’s Production Manager was keen to make sure that each section/area was sound insulated to stop noise drifting and disrupting individual meetings.  All of our inflatable event structures are amazing at noise insulation meaning that the inflatable walls we suggested would provide ample noise control to allow all demonstrations and meetings to go ahead without disturbing those adjacent to them.


AVC blog pic 2 edited



AVC required the event to not only be functional but also visually attractive. Our temporary indoor structures are ideal for this.  They can be illuminated used our LED lighting system creating any colour scheme required as well as providing a great projection screen.  AVC used the individual colours to create a colour coded system of separate areas.  A great idea to guide guests and take the stress out of finding locations in a large space.


Ash Austin – Director at Evolution Dome explains “AVC and Alain where amazing to work with. A great production company that knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and it was pleasure to assist them with this. An AVC staff member came to our warehouse, had a brief training lesson on how to install the walls and as you can see from the images, they created some brilliant, cost effective zones that help to enhance their clients’ events.


Alain Lamens – Operations Manager at AVC explains “Evolution Dome and their inflatable structures where selected and used for the particular event because the breakout sessions were taking place in a vast open plan hall and we needed to create several zones with a different demo in each. The inflatable structures worked very well, easy to erect and zip up together to make the desired shapes we required. The inflatable walls were chosen because they are much quicker to put up and take down than solid scenery elements.  They are compact making them easy to transport and much lighter, making travel abroad with them a lot more cost effective than solid walls. They can also be illuminated in different colours creating a visually appealing environment.  We have used Evolution Dome on a number of occasions and will definitely use again if similar scenarios come along.”