Another Showman’s Show over and the wind and rain definitely didn’t ruin things for Evolution Dome! We were prepared for the weather with a selection of our inflatable structures.  Our 6m cube was the main hub with flooring, carpet, some Dacron branding and most importantly, heaters! The glass and aluminium doors kept the chills out and the warmth in.  With a double layer of fabric and air flowing in between, the cube was well insulated and ready to host any new and existing customers.

Inflatable Bar and Cube



We also brought along our Luna dome which is one of the most popular structures we have available. Being small and easy to install, de-rig and transport, it is perfect for exhibitions, road shows and marketing campaigns.  It can be fully branded with print both inside and out.  The structure makes a great shelter/canopy for outdoor events, and can also be used as a seating area/chill out space.   We popped some of inflatable furniture in the structure as well as our LED coloured lighting to give clients an idea of how the structure could be used in an exhibition environment.

Luna at the Showman's Show


Over the course of the two day event, our inflatable bar unit gained the most attention.  Having just finished the prototype, we were excited to launch the bar and gain feedback from potential customers.  We brought our 5x6m model complete with stainless steel bar top.  The bar itself is a sealed air design meaning that once inflated, it does not require fans to be on, or power, to remain standing.  It is manufactured in a hard wearing, waterproof PVC, ready to take on any festivals, outdoors events and parties that may be thrown at it. The bar unit has a build in wall allowing for a partitioned back area which could be used for storage and prep.

Inflatable bar and catering kiosk

Overall we had a great time meeting new and existing clients and gained a lot of valuable insights into our new bar structure as well as ideas for forthcoming projects.  Looking forward to our next exhibition at the UK Drone Show this December!

For more information on our new bar structure visit the Inflatable Bar & Catering Kiosk page.