History of Evolution Dome


Welcome to the world of Evolution Dome, where hosting your event just got a whole lot more exciting.


The key aim of Evolution Dome was to revolutionize the events industry where temporary structures are needed. At the same time it wants to offer a unique event experience, whether it’s your corporate event, product launch, exhibition or festival. The profile of Evolution Dome has grown beyond expectation since the launch in May 2008, working closely with local councils and some of the region’s biggest production companies Evolution Dome has delivered some memorable and thrilling events.


Evolution Dome is formed by 3 Company Directors Ash Austin , Daniel Fabb, Adi Austin and a large team of polite, enthusiastic, hardworking staff with a large background of working in the event industry.


Our Time line


In May 2008 3 directors all with extensive knowledge in the events industry spotted a place in the market for a quick to install, light weight temporary structure. Evolution Dome as a company was formed and soon started purchasing structures to hire out for Corporate Events, Product Launch’s, Exhibitions and festivals and more. While starting the business, building a website and learning about the structures Evolution Dome picked up there first corporate Event for Magners. Evolution Dome then became Magners preferred supplier for Temporary structures which saw us installing the structures for a number of hospitality events and the Tennent’s Vital festival over in Ireland.

Magners hive Oct 4 IMG_00000014





By May 2009 Evolution Dome had established a large portfolio and our client list was growing quicker than expected due to our limited competition in the market place and the competition we did have not being able to service there clients as required. In July 2009 Evolution Dome employed more office staff and engineers to the team as to grow with our client base and not cut on our customer support. This also was the time we as a company made the move into a new office and warehouse based in Cambridgeshire.
24m Dome (4) small_DSC_0152


By November 2010 Evolution Dome had successfully delivered over 200 projects to clients world wide and the brand was growing fast. Having worked with the inflatable structures for over 2 years the team at Evolution Dome could see numerous possessive and negative factors. In a way to help the company progress a full time Project Director was taken on while the 3 directors explored ways in which Evolution Dome could improve the design and manufacture of the structures.
Evolution Dome - Pixie Lott Lacoste Cube


2011 saw the company grow another huge step. Evolution Dome took on a full time designer and engineer to start the design process of the new range that the directors had been working on. A factory in the UK and Asia where sourced and the long design process had started. While all of this was on going in the back ground Evolution Dome most defiantly hadn’t slowed down the hire side of the company. Having over 30 structures in stock we was soon becoming one of the largest stockist in the world for off the shelf temporary inflatable structures. This year saw Evolution Dome do some memorable and exciting work and tours, below are just a few examples:-
BBC Bang Goes The Theory Tour – ACP Production- 3 date tour as part of a children’s TV program with interactive zones
BBC-Edinburgh Turtle GT + 10 (11)
DTFF – Structures supplied and installed by our team in Doha on behalf of a UK Supplier
Doha Tribeca Film festival Inflatable Structures 14m Dome


September 2012 saw Evolution Dome open there Benelux office servicing Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. By November 2012 the new range had been designed and tested and was ready for sale and hire world wide.


10m-dome-internal-tube-060813 8m Straight Dome





February 2013 Evolution Dome launched the new range at the event production show in London and it has gone on to be a hugely popular range. In March 2013 Evolution Dome was awarded a prestigious award of “company of the month”  by business & Industry today. By June 2013 Evolution Dome was short listed and won the award for Company of the Year” for temporary structures and innovation by business & Industry today. 2013 has seen Evolution Dome’s structures world wide. Our UK office has already installed structures in Barcelona, Holland, France,Scotland, Ireland and Wales to name a few.

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About our new range and our promise

All of the structures designed and manufactured by Evolution Dome are done so with engineering in mind.
•The pressure coefficients for the structure are taken from Eurocode 1.
•Safety factors against sliding and uplift are taken from Temporary demountable structures: Guidance on procurement design and use, by IstructE.
•All fabric is tested to BS ENO 13934-1-1999
•All seams are tested to BS EN ISO 13935-2
•All fabrics are fire rated to EN 13823 and BS EN ISO 11925-2
•All of the above results are to a very high standard which gives our structures the highest wind rating on the market for Temporary Inflatable Structures

Evolution Dome started with a passion to supply temporary, hassle free, unique, eye catching structures. Our aims are to:-

•Supply our clients with a completely hassle free service
•Keep pushing the boundaries in the world of Air supported structures and be the next first too………….
•Keep being the market leader in supplying these structure with a service and after care support that is second to none
For more information Please feel free to contact our team on 01487 800063 or email Info@evolutiondome.co.uk