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10m Air Dome

10m Dome

The 10m dome Air Dome is a medium sized structure from our Air Beam collection. Due to its advanced design and engineering, the air dome can withstand wind gusts of up to 55mph. Our inflatable hire structures come in white with silver or white air beams. We have bespoke branding options enabling you to add a design or logo to both our hire and purchase structures.

Measuring 10m in diameter with 57.6 square meters of usable floor space. It has a maximum capacity of 120 people standing, 60 guests at a 6 table configuration dining and set up for a conference with a 4 x 2m stage the 10m Air Dome can comfortably accommodate 70 seats.  For further guidance on capacity and seating, please refer to the the the 10m Air Dome spec sheet below.

10m Dome Data Sheet   (PDF)

For more information, or to organise a demo viewing of our 10m Air Dome please call our enquiries team on 01487 640640 or email info@evolutiondome.co.uk


The 10m Air Dome is constructed in strong PVC and rip -stop nylon. This event structure will provide you with shelter from the elements as well as a visually striking, contemporary focal point. The 10m dome is fully waterproof, resistant to wind, rain, sand and dust. It comes in white with silver sealed air beams.  The sealed air beam design of the inflatable structure means that it can withstand gusts of wind up to 55mph as opposed to the industry standard of 35mph. In the event of a power failure, the sealed air beams will also prevent the structure from collapsing. The 20m inflatable dome is fully self supported meaning no poles or trussing taking up necessary space, or obstructing view. Due to the unique air structure design, it is insulated keeping the venue warm in colder climates and cool in heat.


The 10m Air Dome inflatable tent can be installed in as little as an hour by a team of just two people.  This is a great time saving opportunity for multiple location road shows, events or quick venue turn around.

For more information, or to organise a demo viewing of our 10m Dome please call our enquiries team on 01487 640640 or email info@evolutiondome.co.uk


The versatility and unique design of the 10m Air Dome, inflatable structure means that it can be used for a whole host of different events.  The structure can be used both indoors and outdoors, on grass or hard standing.  Below are a few suggestions for using our 10m Air Dome.

  • Product Launch
  • Corporate events
  • Conference / Seminar venue
  • Road shows
  • Pop up theatre, classroom, bar or restaurant


All of our Inflatable Structures can be joined seamlessly via a secure zipper system. This provides you with the option of creating a multi-room environment fit to host any kind of event. The 10m Air Dome can be attached to other structures via the doorway or with the use of tunnels.

Bespoke Design & Branding

For our hire structures we have a bespoke vinyl Dacron printing service which creates designs according to your requirements.  This option is ideal for branding and company logos.  Another option  is the replaceable cover which can be fully printed. This gives you the option of interchanging with other covers, or removing completely to reveal the original inflatable dome beneath.

For further information and examples, please see our Bespoke & Branding page.

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