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6m Cube 

The 6m cube is the smallest cube in the range of Pop Up Structures but provides an impressive 26mq of usable floor space.   It is a great option for exhibitions, pop-up stores, bars or creating VIP and chill out areas at events.  The cube can be put up in less than an hour by a team of 2 person. This inflatable pop up structure can accommodate a maximum of 50 people stabnding. When set up with one large table, for either a meeting or a dinner, the cube can hold approximately 23 seats. Set up with stage and seating, the cube can hold approximately 29 people for a presentation or seminar.

We also offer complete packages to include, Event Sound and lighting, Trussing, Heating/Air conditioning and a variety of flooring options.

For further information about our 6m cube, please contact the office on +44 (0)1487 640640 or email info@evolutiondome.co.uk

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Our Pop Up Structures come with the unique option of sealed air beams which provide the structure with extra strength.  This means the structure can withstand winds of up to 55mph.  The sealed air beams also provide you with the peace of mind that the structure will remain standing in case of a power failure.  The inflatable Pop up structures are fully self supported meaning no beams or poles taking up necessary space. Our inflatable 6m Cube is constructed from strong PVC and rip-stop nylon.  It is fully waterproof, resistant to wind, rain, sand and dust.  It comes in white with silver air beams.


The 6m Cube Pop Up Structures can be installed in less than 1 hour by a small team of 2 people.  This is a great idea for those on road shows and tours that do not want to waste time and want a quick turn around.  If required, you can also add other structures to this one seamlessly using our reinforced zipper system, creating a multi-room environment.


The 6m Cube is a great structure for multi-location events and road shows.  The structure can be easily installed and de-rigged, in a short space of time.  Here are a are a few suggestions for using the 6m inflatable cube at your event.

  • Road shows
  • Product launches
  • Exhibition structure
  • Private party – birthday, anniversary, christening
  • Pop-up bar or catering


All of our inflatable pop up structures can be joined seamlessly via a secure zipper system. This provides you with the option of creating a multi-room environment fit to host any kind of event. The 6m cube can be attached to other structures via the doorway or with the use of tunnels.

Bespoke Design & Branding

We offer a bespoke branding and design service.  The 6m Pop Up Cube Structur can be created according to your specifications and ideas.  This includes full colour printing directly onto the fabric of the inflatable structure.  It can be a design or branding and we can also make any additions or alterations you like.

For our hire structures we have a bespoke vinyl Dacron printing service which creates designs according to your requirements.  This option is ideal for branding and company logos.  Another option  is the replaceable cover which can be fully printed. This gives you the option of interchanging with other covers, or removing completely to reveal the original inflatable dome beneath.

For further information and examples, please see our Bespoke & Branding page.


For more information please call our friendly team on 01487 640640  or email info@evolutiondome.co.uk

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