Having endured a very rainy and unpredictable summer, we’ve seen a record number of our Inflatable Buildings go out on hire to a variety of event organisers.  It seems no one was safe from the rain, with festivals, open days, parties and corporate clients enlisting our help to create a warm, dry and unique space for outdoor events and functions.

With a few more weeks left of typical British Summertime, we’ve decided to create a short go-to guide on our inflatable buildings.  This guide will touch upon the most common requests and issues we’ve dealt with, and hopefully give you a good idea which of our event structures will work best for you!

All of our air buildings that are wind rated up to 55mph meaning that wind or rain will not ruin your day!



Stage Covers

With plenty of festivals happening over the summer, we have had a huge number of enquiries about stage covers.


Luna / Luna XL

The Luna and Luna XL are two very popular dome shaped, temporary structures.  They provide a good amount of space, lots of shelter and they’ve very portable.  The XL, can fit a small stage inside, measuring approximately 5m x 4m with plenty of space for speakers and equipment around the sides. These little air buildings can be lit with our LED lights for evening performances!



We have 11m and 15m Airoof’s available with a depth of 6m.  The open fascia makes for a great inflatable stage cover.  These air structures can also be lit up using LED lights and either be completely open, or have a zip in back to provide more shelter.


ESP 2400

This is the biggest option available, measuring a massive 24m x 24m! It is a huge temporary stage cover and includes a 15m wide opening at the front, providing space for a large stage and equipment.  This inflatable building is ideal for large concerts and festivals.

ESP 2400 - Stage Cover - Inflatable Building


ESP 2400 - Inflatable Event Structure


Roadshows/Promotional Tours


Our Luna inflatable structure is the most popular choice for tours and promotional events.  It’s small, portable yet sturdy enough to provide plenty of shelter.  The dome can also be bespoke branded with logos and designs.

Our 6m dome and cube are also great options.  These temporary structures are also very easy to install and transport.


Luna - Inflatable Event Structure



Luna - Inflatable Building



Shows and Festivals


A favourite for bars, catering as well as a stand for outdoor festivals and shows.  The open front fascia provides you with shelter without cutting yourself off from the event going on outside. The Airoof is a functional and unique event structure.


Airoof Inflatable Building


Airoof Inflatable Stage Cover and Canopy



If you would like some further advice on picking a structure for your event, please email us on info@evolutiondome.co.uk or call +44 (0)1487 640640