Promising steps to more growth for Evolution Dome.

Inflatable structures company Evolution Dome recently entered a ‘Smart Partner’ Programme with event developers Spendlove. The move sees Evolution Dome take a positive step towards working more in the Middle East. The Smart Partner Programme will encourage collaboration between three event industry companies looking to win international business.

inflatable structures, inflatable structure

Evolution Dome will be hoping to win new business in the Middle East in 2014 with their inflatable structures.


Right time, right place for the inflatable structures specialists.

Right now, the live event sector in the Middle East  is a thriving industry. The opportunity for Evolution Dome to win new international business with their partners is a promising one. Inflatable structures are popular worldwide and currently Evolution Dome has a strong foothold in the UK where their Head office is and in Europe with Evolution Dome Benelux and Evolution Dome Spain. Also joining the Smart Partner Programme is temporary water and waste management specialist, MTD.

inflatable structures, inflatable structure

Evolution Dome’s innovative inflatable structures at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Dynamic innovation eases Evolution Dome into new territory.

Inflatable structures have been popular since their first arrival, but Evolution Dome’s thriving vision to create new and innovative inflatable structures has helped them to introduce their products and services to a much wider audience. The Smart Partner Programme now gives Evolution Dome access to Spendloves resources and trading licences in the UAE and Qatar. In return, Showforce, who are Spendloves sister company will be providing the manpower to contracts Evolution Dome win in the Middle East. The partnership is an interesting move and having all worked together before, the companies in the Smart Partner Programme know each others strengths. On the whole, the move makes all of the companies more versatile and provides future clients with a far more attractive opportunity.

inflatable structure, inflatable structures

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