Pop up Inflatable Structures

Pop up Inflatable Structures have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Pop up shops and events are great to create brand awareness campaigns, Product launches, restaurants and more. The UK has nearly 15% of its retail space empty so pop up events are becoming increasingly popular to help aid town regeneration and bring shoppers back offline and into the town centre. With many local councils now organising pop up events, experiential days and local festivals, it is starting to bring communities together, people back out of their houses to promote the UK’s retail spending.



Pop up shop and Brand awareness



They key and main thing here is to keep it TEMPORARY. Any Event, Structure or pop up shop that is there for a long period of time can become stagnant and this is one of the main key benefits of Inflatable Structures. These pop up Inflatable Structures can be installed in as little as 30 minutes meaning traders, brands and experiential marketers can be set but before the influx of traffic and taken down just after the event. This becomes a key benefit when organizers are hiring a pitch or venue on a single day rate. With many of the more complex structures, venue hire can soon spiral out of control because of built and strike times needed.


Pop up inflatable Structures



Pop ups should be here today and gone tomorrow

The here today and gone tomorrow creates a sense of excitement and inflatable pop up structures are a very dynamic way of creating this interaction within a small space. This can become and exceptional piece of marketing for any business where you can meet your targeted demographic of people face to face, interact with them and up sell your business, product or event in a unique and fun way


Stand out from the crowd 

Recently Evolution Dome provided Welsh Water with a Pop up inflatable structure in the way of a Luna. This very small but eye catching pop up was used by Dŵr Cymru (Welsh Water) to promote a campaign on “How to prepare your house for winter”  This reminded people to Check for leaks, Find your stop tap and know where it is before you need it and even giving out free pipe lagging for out side taps.


Pop up inflatable structures



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